Triplea can provide help at any stage of the business cycle - start up, growth, regulatory remediation, restructure, wind up and exit.


The key to running a highly profitable and compliant business is all about leadership - at Board, Executive and business unit level. Business problems, be they financial or regulatory, nearly always stem from a breakdown of good leadership at any particular level.

Good leadership invariably means creating an environment within which the business, through the efficient use of its resources can sustain itself and prosper irrespective of external factors over which there is relatively little influence.

In any business enterprise good multi-level leadership starts with the quality of its governance.


Good governance is about setting a framework in which the leaders can develop and operate. The primary role of a good governing body is to ensure that accountability, responsibility and authority are fully aligned and that the alignment is understood and maintained throughout the business. It is only through this important alignment that what the Financial Conduct Authority refers to as  “culture” can be engendered and sustained.

Oversight of risk and compliance

We understand the competing demands faced by leadership teams as they strive to direct the business towards profitability and success, whilst at the same time ensuring that success is not won by taking undue risks, or at the unfair expense of clients.